2017/18 Road Salt Bid Results

July 13, 2017
TO: Participants in the Highway Rock Salt Bid

We opened the bids for the rock salt yesterday (Wednesday, July 12, 2017). Attached is a bid tab  for your review.

Five bidders bid the 133,770 Tons of salt for 82 entities. Of this tonnage, Detroit Salt gave the  low bid for 82,120 Tons (62%), Morton was low for 21,150 Tons (16%), Compass was low for 18,600 Tons (14%), and Cargill for 11,900 Tons (8%). This pricing is based on dumped salt, and does not take into consideration piling charges. You will want to carefully evaluate the bids, since piling charges will change the overall bid price if you need a piler. The apparent low bidder may not be low for your entity when piling charges are figured in.

As in past bids, this bid was written to allow each entity the right to require a performance bond.  If you require a bond, notify the company when you place your order. They should send you a copy.

I am recommending each entity make the award to the company giving the lowest and best price for that entity. When determining lowest and best bid, be sure to note piler charges (see the bottom of the bid tab). You will need to choose the lowest and best bid for your entity and make your own award, using your normal award process (purchase order, letter of intent, etc.). Also note on your order whether you need a piler with your delivery. As in the past, your orders need to reference the SWOP4G bid coordinated by the City of Middletown. Please let me know who you place your final order with so I can note it to the file. A short e-mail to koppinl@mcohio.org, or a quick call to 937-225-4902, would be fine. If you award to other than the low bidder on the bid tab (considering piling charges), please call me to discuss so I have an answer for the salt companies when they call to ask why they were not awarded the bid. The integrity of the bid rests on placing orders with the low bidder. If you have specific reasons why you can’t go with the low bidder, please call me to discuss.

If anyone needs the bid, you can find it on our website here.

Please notify the supplier as soon as you are able of your intent to award so they may get you set up in their delivery system and be prepared for your orders when the weather starts rolling in. Orders may be placed by contacting one of the following companies:

The Detroit Salt Company

12841 Sanders St
Detroit, MI 48217
(313)841-0466 – fax
Contact: G. Hopkins

Morton Salt, Inc.

444 West Lake St, Ste 3000
Chicago, IL 60606
(630)214-0725 – fax
ATTN: Road Salt Dept

Compass Minerals America, Inc
9900 West 109th St., Ste 100
Overland Park, KS 66210
(913)338-7945 – fax

Cargill, Inc

24950 Country Club Blvd
North Olmstead, OH 44070
(888)739-8705 – fax

Please call me at (937)225-4902, or e-mail me at koppinl@mcohio.org if you have any questions or problems during the season. I need to know whenever problems arise so I’m prepared to go to bat for other entities that may be having the same problems.

Lisa Koppin
SWOP4G Chair / Salt Bid Coordinator

Download the 2017-18 Salt Bid Tab