Emergency Planning and Procurement


“Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” Mike Tyson

Everyone is looking to you – you are “the government”
Chaos – it will never feel like it is going well but you ARE making a difference. Keep your head.

Timelines in emergencies are never on your side. They start before you want them to, transition unexpectedly, and can deteriorate quickly. Saddle the wild horse.

Local planning and procurement – Macro (same procedures and language) versus Micro (your piece of the puzzle)

What might you need or be asked for day to day and why? What will you need to pay for now?

Risk Analysis

What could happen and how often? Both predictable and unpredictable.
Traffic, Weather, Special consideration (rail/aircraft), shooters

Planning materials and man hours

What does your plan look like? Your neighbors? Another level?
Identify evacuation routes, facilities that shelter in place, shelters for the displaced, vendors locally, contacts for assistance (mutual aid and higher levels), leadership several tiers deep.
Shake hands, put faces to names, realize we are in the same sandbox!


Citizens (CERT)
Organization Employees
Interagency Exercises

Safety and emergency Equipment – Rotating Stock

Kits and seals Safety Vests Tarp
Floor Dry Lock Out/Tag Out Body Armor
Barricades Notification Systems Plywood (not Ohio)
Water/Gatorade Communication

EOC Supplies – Where is the first one? Where is the second one?

Go see it – You will have a table there!
Maps, Desk Markers, Drawers, Office Supplies, Forms, Commo Equipment, Vests, required forms
Sequestering of nonessential important people.

Local Education for companies and citizens

School and senior apartment safety education, Fire Extinguishers, First Response Teams, Safety Plans, other departments, YOU (do a Sim Cell and practice your plan!)

Be prepared!

If you fail to prepare, you’re prepared to fail. – Mark Spitz, Olympic Swimmer