Job Opening : City of Franklin Clerk of Council

We are seeking to hire a full time motivated and experienced Clerk of Council to plan, manage, coordinate and execute clerical duties for the City of Franklin, a chartered municipality. Under the City’s Charter, the Clerk of Council reports directly to Council. You will be responsible for preparing minutes of Council Meetings and Sub Committees. You will also be responsible for maintaining all municipal documents, preparing meeting agendas, storing financial records, issuing public correspondence and for other required administrative duties assigned to the Clerk under both the codified ordinances of the City of Franklin and Ohio law.

To excel in this role, you will need to have proven experience in collating and maintaining records and legal documents, working knowledge of relevant computer systems, and an understanding of federal, state and local laws. A Bachelor’s Degree in Public Administration or a minimum of five years’ experience as a city clerk is preferred but not mandatory.

The compensation package includes paid vacation, personal days and sick time, employer sponsored health insurance and Public Employee Retirement System benefits. Salary Range of $45-$60 thousand dollars per year.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: March 31, 2020 4:00 PM

Please send resume to:

City of Franklin
Attn: Karisa Steed
1 Benjamin Franklin Way
Franklin, Ohio 45005

Please mark on the outside of the envelope: CLERK OF COUNCIL POSITION

Download a PDF copy of this job posting here